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(Pre-Order) AV Line M4300-96X (XSM4396K0) Modular, 12-slot empty Managed Switch - Garansi 10 Tahun

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Netgear XSM4396K0 12-Slot Modular Stackable Managed Switch with 8-port 10G and 2-port 40G expansion cards

  • Cost effective 1G access layer in campus LAN networks, and high performance 10G distribution layer for midsize organizations networks
  • Zero Touch AV-over-IP with pre-configured L2 Multicast on all 1G models (1G AV encoders and decoders) and 10G models (SDVoE-ready)
  • Advanced Layer 2, Layer 3 and Layer 4 feature set - no license required - including Policy Based Routing, RIP, VRRP, OSPF and PIM
  • Innovative mixed "Spine and Leaf", 1G and 10G stacking with nonstop forwarding and hitless failover redundancy
  • Low acoustics, half-width 16-port and 24-port 10G models can be paired in a single rack space for redundant Top of Rack
  • Up to 384 (Gigabit) ports, 768 (10 Gigabit) ports, 192 (40 Gigabit) ports or a combination in a stack seen as one “logical” switch
  • PoE+ (30 watts per port) with hot swap, redundant power supplies and full provisioning
  • 48- and 96-port 10G models’ ultra-low latency and scalable table size with 128K MAC, 8K ARP/NDP, 4K VLANs, 12K routes
  • Mixed Stack of 1G and 10G models provides 16K MAC, 2K ARP/NDP, 4K VLANs and 512 routes
  • SDN-Ready OpenFlow 1.3 support for maximum investment protection
Spesifikasi Teknis
Product Number M4300-96X (XSM4396K0)
Model Description 12-slot 2RU empty switch (no PSU)
  • Without PoE: 35.8dB @ 25°C (77°F)
  • With max PoE load: 66.8dB @ 25°C (77°F)
Power Consumption (Max)
  • Without PoE: 566 Watts
  • With 1,440W PoE: 2,006 Watts
10G RJ45 Ports
  • 0 to 96 x 10GBASE-T (Fast Ethernet, 1G, 2.5G, 5G, and 10G speeds)
  • APM408C is the 8 x 10GBASE-T port card
  • APM408P is the 8 x 10GBASE-T PoE+ port card
10G Fiber SFP+ Ports
  • 0 to 96 x SFP+ (1G and 10G speeds)
  • APM408F is the 8 x SFP+ port card
40G Fiber QSFP+ Ports
  • 0 to 24 x QSFP+ (4x10G and 40G speeds)
  • APM402XL is the 2 x 40G QSFP+ port card
Power over Ethernet
  • 0 to 48 x 10G PoE+ 30W
  • Only the top 6 slots (out of 12) can support PoE+ operation
  • APS1200W PSU is preferred for PoE+ operation
PoE Budget (Watts)
  • 0W PoE Budget with 1 x APS600W PSU @ 110V/220V AC input
  • 634W PoE Budget with 2 x APS600W PSUs in shared EPS mode @ 110V/220V AC input
  • 720 W PoE Budget with 1 x APS1200W PSU @ 110V/220V AC input
  • 720 W PoE Budget with 2 x APS1200W PSUs in redundant RPS mode @ 110V/220V AC input
  • 1,084 W PoE Budget with APS600W + APS1200W PSUs in shared EPS mode @ 110V/220V AC input
  • 1,440 W PoE Budget with 2 x APS1200W PSUs in shared EPS mode @ 110V/220V AC input
Feature Set Layer 3 (static, policy-based and RIP OSPF VRRP PIM dynamic routing)
Management Ports
  • 1G Ethernet service port for out-of-band management (OOB, RJ45)
  • RS232 straight-through serial RJ45 for local management console
  • Mini-USB port for local management console
  • USB port for local storage, logs, configuration or image files
Form Factor
  • 2RU modular switch that comes either empty or in a starter kit with 48 SFP+
  • Full width with dual, redundant modular PSUs for business continuity
  • APS600W is the 600W power supply unit for non-PoE applications
  • APS1200W is the 1,200W power supply unit for PoE applications
Warranty 10 Years Limited Hardware Warranty