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XS748T 48 Port 10-Gigabit Ethernet Smart Switch with 4 Dedicated SFP+ Ports - Garansi 10 Tahun

Rp 255.710.700

The NETGEAR XS748T is powerful Smart Managed Switches that come with 44 10-Gigabit Copper ports and either 4 additional Dedicated SFP+ ports for 10G Fiber links. The NETGEAR 10-Gigabit Smart Managed Pro Switches are purposely designed as a cost-effective way to provide 10G connections to 10G-capable servers and NAS (Network Attached Storage) systems. They can be used at the “center of a small business network” or as an aggregation / access switch in a larger organization including workgroup access, connecting to a 10‑Gigabit NETGEAR Fully Managed Switch on one end and extending the 10G connections to the edge.

  • Performance
    • Packet buffer memory: 3 MB
    • Bandwidth: 960 Gbps
    • Priority queues: 8
    • Priority queuing: Weighted Round Robin (WRR) and Strict Priority
    • MAC Address database size: 16K
    • Multicast groups: 512
    • Number of IPv4 static routes: 64
    • Number of IPv6 static routes: 64
    • Number of routed VLANs: 32
    • Number of ARP cache entries: 1024
    • Number of DHCP snooping bindings: 1K
    • Access Control Lists (ACLs): 164 shared for MAC, IP and IPv6 ACLs
    • Jumbo frame support: Up to 10K packet size
  • Link Aggregation
    • Manual Static LAG
    • 12 LAGs with max 8 members in each LAG
  • Network Security
    • MAC lockdown
    • Control MAC # static entries: 600
  • Port-based security by locked MAC addresses
    • Broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast storm control
  • Management
    • Password management
    • SSL/HTTPS Web-based access (version): V2
    • TLS Web-based access (version): v1.0 ~ v1.2
    • Syslog (RFC 3164)
Spesifikasi Teknis
Product Number XS748T
10-Gigabit copper ports 44 10GBASE-T copper
SFP ports 4 SFP+ 1000/10GBASE-X fiber ports (shared)
Buffer Size 3MB
MAC address database size 16K
VLAN (# supported) 512
Number of LAGs & number of members 24 LAGS with max 8 members in each LAG (LACP)
Number of priority queues 8
Access Control Lists (ACLs 164 shared for MAC, IP and IPv6 ACLs
IPv4 Static routes 64
IPv6 Static routes 64
Power supply Internal: Internal, 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Max power consumption (Watts) 262.8 W
Fan 4
Acoustic Noise Level @25°C (dBA) 47.8 dBA
Operating Temperature 0° to 50° C
MTBF (@ 25° C) 483,808 hours
Electromagnetic compliance (A or B) Class A
Physical Specifications
  • Dimensions:440 x 310 x 43 mm (17.3 x 12.2 x 1.7 in)
  • 6.25 kg (13.78 lb)
Warranty 10-years Limited Hardware Warranty