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(Pre-Order) Netgear Insight Pro NPR25PK5 - 25 Pack 5 Years

Rp 52.877.000

NETGEAR Insight Pro requires a subscription. You must purchase an Insight Pro subscription from your NETGEAR distributor or reseller. You can purchase an Insight Pro subscription two different ways, digitally or on paper. When you purchase a subscription, you receive an email or a paper card with a purchase confirmation key.


Insight Pro includes the following features:

  • Access to both the Insight mobile app and the web-based Insight Cloud Portal
  • Dashboards and reports that let you monitor your network
  • Support for multi-tenancy
  • Support for multiple organizations, each with multiple network locations and multiple user roles
  • Guided installation and configuration
  • Secure remote access
  • Instant alerts for critical events
  • Access to logs and traffic history
  • Self-help and click-to-connect support portal
Spesifikasi Teknis
Product Number NPR25PK5
Model Description INSIGHT PRO 25 PACK 5 YEARS